Monday, June 1, 2020

5 Questions with: Mrs. Weber

Today we are sharing Five Questions and Answers
with Mrs. Weber

Where am I originally from?  
Boston, Massachusetts. Some of you may have heard my accent sneak out from time to time 😊

Do I like Dogs or Cats? 
Well of course I love both! I have 2 dogs (Brandie & Bentley) & 4 cats (Rocky, Stormie, Flash & Maxie)

How many children do I have? 
I have 4 (Eric, Benjamin, Nathan & Brooke.)

What is my favorite color? 
I like all kinds of blue.

What is my favorite holiday?
I have to say Thanksgiving. I love all the yummy food! 

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Missing you all at RBK!! 

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